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Welcome to Omnisoft,
a leading specialist in the use
of information technology in
Educational & Health settings
What makes Omnisoft different?
Our creative minds work on projects which help improve people’s lives world-wide; cutting-edge solutions created with energy and imagination. We offer an ITIL approach to support your needs. What also makes us different is that we care: we care about our clients, we care about our team, and we care passionately about the world we live in. So please spend a few minutes discovering what makes us different. Omnisoft: Globally Local.
Omnisoft developed the Acusera 24.7 system which supports RIQAS used in 23,000 laboratories worldwide
Omnisoft developed CAKE a blended learning solution that is as easy to use as its name suggests
Omnisoft exist to be the change we want to see in the world working in education and healthcare